Gate Delay

This is a digital delay/looper designed to be used with gate signals. It has a maximum sampling time of 3.25 seconds and has a sampling rate of 1.1 khz

For complete descriptions of the way the module is used, download this PDF file.  

There are two youtube videos for this module. This demo was done in January of 2013 showing a prototype. This demo was done in August of 2013 showing the final project.

Boards are available now, Price for 1 board and 1 preprogrammed PIC is $14.
Unfinished Eurorack panels are available. They are 6HP and cost $6.5. There is more information about my panels on this page. The layout is the same as the one pictured on the left.
If you'd like to drill your own panel, feel free to use my drill layout. It should be printed at 300dpi to scale correctly.